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What can we do? You can watch these episodes, share them with friends and family and on social media, and comment on the youtube channel. If your local PBS station is not airing the program, write them or call them. Most importantly you can challenge yourself to face any contempt you might feel for others and try and be more compassionate. Host your own Ear To The Common Ground potluck dinner. Consciously invite people that don't think as you do or that you think don't think like you. You might be surprised. I was. We all were. 


Wouldn't it be cool if the number one issue that mattered to voters was the ability of politicians to work with each other and find common ground? If that were the case then it would create a feedback loop where the politicians would all be elected and judge for their ability to work with each which would de-polarize over time the way the media covered politics and politicians. There is a group that is doing this work. They rank politicians at every level on just that.   You can learn more here

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